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Agricare is a Qatar based company specialized in the distribution of agricultural material including all those related to crop protection, fertilizers, seeds, equipment, machinery, and public health. 

Agricare is the fruit of a strong and historic partnership between shareholders of Qatar’s Agrico, a leading company in agricultural development, lead by Misters Ahmad and Nasser Khalaf, and the shareholders of Amalia SAL, one of the largest importers and distributors of products related to the agricultural life-cycle in the Lebanese market, with over 50 years of experience.

Agricare also provides advisory services for farmers, enabling them to enhance their yields while maintaining long-term producing crops. Our approach centers on implementing sustainable practices by focusing on the entire life-cycle of farms rather than on their potential short term returns.

Between its shareholders, Agricare combines a long standing experience in the agricultural sector and its related services, and has built a strong relationship with international partners and suppliers that continue to support it in the Qatari market. The foundation of our business relies on establishing and sustaining excellent and long-term relations with our international partners.

Chairman’s message

Ahmed Hussain Al-Khalaf

With our group’s experience in the agricultural and food supply industry since the 1950’s, we strive towards decreasing Qatar’s substantial dependency on regional and neighboring countries to secure its needs of fruits and vegetables.

While we currently undertake efforts, through our sister companies, to increase Qatar’s agricultural production capacity, we formed Agricare to complete the life cycle of local food production, by ensuring that the local market meets its needs of material and equipment necessary to enhance Qatar’s sustainable vision towards food independency.

Our range of fertilizers, crop protection and seeds are sourced from various international markets, to ensure that all the needs of local growers are met.

As the Chairman, my objective is to provide the Qatari market with the necessary infrastructure needed for it to further grow, both in terms of volume and price competitiveness, to further strengthen Qatar’s vision for food security.

Ahmed Hussain Al-Khalaf

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